Business support

By leveraging the experience and relationships of our executive sales team with manfactures/ traders and end users, we provide global technology vendors with a low-cost partner search and ……..

Trade missions are organised group visits to target markets India or Baltic. They provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to visit f countries to find out how business is done and generate valuable sales leads…….

IBCCI can provide a local address to Indian companies who wish to develop in the Baltic market. We will redirect your correspondance and your mails to your Indian office…….

Regardless of the legal form of carrying out business activity in Baltic foreign investors are obliged to pay VAT on purchases made in Baltic. The basic VAT rate in Baltic is 23%, but there are products taxed at lower rates of 8%, 3% or even 0%……. 

The IBCCI is dedicated to assisting its members develop their businesses in India and Baltic. To this end, we have created a new Corporate Profile, Partner Screening and Due Diligence Service……..

Through its partners, the IFCCI can now deal in all the aspects that help the mobility of an employee or a company from one country to another.

  • Immigration aspects for Indian cli…..
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