The brand new Triangular Like Level (Sternberg, 1997) try modified on Greek take to by Kordoutis (2008)

The brand new Triangular Like Level (Sternberg, 1997) try modified on Greek take to by Kordoutis (2008)

A direction of immigrants into the community culture would-be more predictive off straight down love size, while a positioning towards Greek culture might be alot more predictive off higher love dimensions.


Complete, 333 somebody employed in the wide part of Athens, old off 18 so you can 66 years (M=, S.D.=), took part in this research. Of your own players 231 (69.4%) was in fact Greek (89 boys and 142 females) and you can 102 (30.6%) had been immigrants regarding Albania (29 men and you can 72 women). There have been zero tall differences regarding your nation as well as the gender regarding participants. In the forty two.5% (163 some one) have been partnered having youngsters, 21.9% (72 someone) was basically married devoid of college students and you can twenty-eight.6% (94 some one) was indeed single.


Studies collection taken place last year. Brand new questionnaires was administered personally every single participant immediately after with received agree. For each participant obtained an arbitrarily purchased questionnaire packet that expected them to answer questions. It had been highlighted San Jose backpage female escort that analysis have been private, the latest involvement volunteer so there are zero duty to participate or to keep participating.


This new bills of one’s survey package was indeed interpreted from Greek to your Albanian from the bilingual sound system (and you may interpreted to Greek). All the members finished the next tips:

The household Value Size (Georgas, 1999), included in the present day analogy, procedures a few activities: (a) hierarchical spots regarding parents (the daddy should be the head off family relations, new mother’s set is at family, mom ought to be the wade-ranging from, the father ought to be the breadwinner, the mother will be accept the new dad’s ily with kin (moms and dads is teach children best actions, should honor and you will manage the latest family’s profile, difficulties are going to be fixed in this family relations, would be to look after a beneficial relationships having family members, children should maintain more mature parents). All the questions was basically methods on the a four-part size, which have that indicating ‘disagree’ and you will four ‘agree’. Cronbach’s leader coefficients towards Albanian immigrants was indeed ?=0.80 towards the hierarchical roles off mom and dad, and you will ?=0.74 to possess family unit members matchmaking. Getting Greeks, coefficients were ?=0.75 and you will ?=0.60 respectively.

Immigrants’ acculturation was counted using an adjusted types of brand new Vancouver Index regarding Acculturation (Ryder ainsi que al., 2000). The fresh particular 18 affairs used in this research analyzes the fresh new heritage and you can popular size of acculturation. The two-dimensional design enabled me to take a look at the latest consolidation towards the several countries individually. Facts was in fact for the pairs regarding more lifetime domains (casual lifetime, global engagement, classification communication), which have you to definitely item for the for every couples dealing with culture also to Greek society. Examples of facts is ‘I’m looking for maintaining or developing way of life out of my culture culture’ ‘I am selecting Greek traditions’. Per goods got an effective 5-section Likert-design get. Most of the subscale yielded a total score from involvement during the traditions and you will when you look at the traditional Greek society, with a score of 1 showing a low level of society engagement and you will a rating of 5 exhibiting a high degree of people wedding. In the modern test, Cronbach’s alpha coefficients both for Greek and you will Albanian professionals have been ?=0.84 for tradition measurement and a great=0.75 having popular dimension.

The new Greek variation contained minor transform of Sternberg’s version, highlighting social differences when considering nations. The fresh new Triangular Love Size contains about three subscales: Closeness, Passion and you will Commitment. The new Closeness subscale consists of fifteen factors made to determine feelings out of enthusiasm, closeness, connectedness and you will bondedness within the a loving relationship (‘I discover considerable psychological support of _____,’ ‘I’m near to _____,’ ‘I believe that we can definitely believe _____, etc.). The latest fifteen products which compensate the latest Hobbies subscale evaluate ‘brand new pushes conducive so you can relationship, real interest, intimate consummation, and you will related phenomena in the loving relationships’ (‘I cannot envision someone making me personally as the pleased once the ____ does’, ‘There is nothing more important in my opinion than my experience of _____’, ‘My connection with _____ is very romantic’) (Sternberg, 1997, p. 315 ). The choice/Connection subscale (15 things) assesses thoughts out-of balance and you will dedication to keeping new like (‘I will constantly getting an effective duty to possess _____’, ‘I predict my love for _____ so you can last for the remainder of my personal life’, ‘I can’t believe finish my experience of _____’). All the questions was basically actions on an effective nine-part measure, which have that showing ‘strongly disagree’ and you can 9 ‘strongly agree’. In the modern decide to try, Cronbach’s alpha coefficients into Albanian immigrants was getting Closeness ?=0.93, to possess Appeal ?=0.90 as well as for Union ?=0.93. For Greeks, coefficients was in fact ?=0.96, ?=0.ninety and ?=0.95, respectively.

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