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Trade missions are organised group visits to target markets India or Baltic. They provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to visit the countries to explore various business opportunities, build valuable network, understand local business culture and generate and generate valuable sales leads.

Conducting desk research into an overseas market is an essential first step, but to get to grips with a country there is no substitute for visiting.

Travelling to your chosen market for the crucial face-to-face contacts that are needed to win business is a big step. Trade missions give you the security and support of travelling in a group.


You will get assistance towards the travel and accommodation for one of your business’ representatives A follow-up visit may also be assisted.

You will be supported by pre-mission briefings and receive practical support on the ground.

Missions are organised to enable your business to set and achieve its own objectives. Sectoral missions often include the opportunity to visit a major international trade exhibition.

Trade missions will give you an opportunity to gain first-hand experience of your target market and a chance to assess your potential of your business . You can observe local conditions and build contacts as well as learning from more experienced fellow exporters on the trip.


As part of the mission the organiser IBCCI provides you with a range of useful market information and a schedule of one-to-one business appointments, giving you an opportunity to generate sales leads.

As well as taking part in a limited number of group activities such as briefings and receptions you have the freedom to organise your own programme of visits and meetings with potential customers, agents, possible joint-venture partners and government representatives.